Anonymous is a person which have not identified by name. anonymous work doing anonymously.

Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist group.

hacktivists a type of hacking, come in a computer without asking permission from a user and stolen the personal file of a computer without user permission, for a politically or socially and personal data Anonymously.

Hacktivism is a type of organization of a computer and another computer network which try to promote a political

Agenda or a social change increasing the group culture and hackers ethics.



Anonymous word Originated.

The anonymous word originated in 2003 on the pictures on, board 4chan Anonymous hacktivism included some Government organization of u.s, Israel,

4chan website

4chan website

4chan is a kind of website for everyone, user mostly post anonymously with the newest posts showing above the rest,

in Anonymous agenda including some freedom fighters, many numbers of peoples involving in cyber attacks such, countries like the U.S. A, turkey,

evaluation of the group or supporters has called freedom fighters.

2.million, or dollar worth of damage.

Sony is the most popular manufacturing company which Headquartered in Tokyo, Sony’s claiming they did one Hundred and fifty million dollars, worth of damage.


PlayStation Network Hacked

the 2011 Sony PlayStation Network is attacking by a security hacker who stolen some useful data. sony hardly shut down the PlayStation network on April 20 on 4 may.

3.YOU call it piracy we call it Freedom.


Paypal is an American company or an online payment system with the help of can transfer money easily, the PayPal account was

hacked by an anonymously Decentralized group of a hacker.

YOU call it piracy we call it Freedom

YOU call it piracy we call it Freedom

Attacks on high profile river of Internet Piracy, a security hacker, is Break your security and exploit a vulnerability of a computer.

you want to secure your computer you just need to install some useful antivirus.


4.Denial of service attack.

denial of service attack is a type of cyber attack in which the offender finding to make a machine or network Resources,

which is not available to its Earmarked users By temporarily mess up.


Denial of service attack

Denial of service attack



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