Antivirus software

Antivirus software for the computer.

Antivirus software, to defend from malware and virus help to remove certain virus of a computer there are many types of antivirus software to protect the computer from virus-like, Trojan, email spam.

so im suggest you best antivirus software.

kaspersky lab.

kaspersky antivirus software is the great way to protect your computer and mobile and try to help you to secure from, malware, virus and trojans.

recently launched a new virus which name is ransomware locking up all personal data and some useful files.

when you try to access the file he asks for money.

best antivirus


pros.1 defends your computer from virus.

2.Boot-up performance of computer

3.easy to install.

4.remove Ransomware.

5.parents and control for safe kinds. gaming mode available in basic setup.

2.take time to update in slow connection.

Quick Heal.

Quick heal provides in India the great pc, security quick heal is also available both pc, mac, & mobile you can download 30-days free trial

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quick heal

pros.1 its help to restore your user files.

2. it makes to help secured data.

3. web security.

4. protect from an attack of Ransomware.

cons:1.not fully delete malware and other files.

2. take time to install.


Bitdefender is a very popular anti-virus software it provides great performance without any compromise, Bitdefender is a  Romanian cybersecurity antivirus company,

antivirus software

best antivirus

pros.1. setup response to installing very fast.

2. ultra max speed without any compromise.

3.  silent in gaming mode

4. Optimize the performance of a computer

5. fast update.

cons.1. Bitdefender is bit expensive antivirus.

2. some time block URL.


Avira is free antivirus which comes in 2006, overall 100 million customers, in June 2012, Avira is available both free and paid versions.

best antivirus

free antivirus

pros.1 top recommended high Rating product.

2 easy to install and safe Browing.

3 available free versions.

 cons.1 no safe banking option.

2 sometimes setup lag.


Avg antivirus software both available for family and personal use, avg also protects from the virus-like trojan and malware.

antivirus software,



pros.1 available both free and paid.

 2 .protect your password from a keylogger.

3. protect from a hacker attack.

  4. block some in safe URL.

     5. bock some fake website.


   cons.1. slow scan process.

 2. take much time to update.


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