amazon is a great online shopping store easily, Available some useful gadgets like smartphone, tablet,pc and lots more useful product,

Did you know Amazon’s behind, hide a successful store so im tell you everything about Amazon,

in the time there was the internet in the mid-1990s, imaginary Entrepreneurs come to see the possibility of a new marketplace.

internet shopping can bring buyers increased relaxation and convenience.





jeff Bezos was only one who the founder of Amazon he complete a degree in electrical engineering or computer science.

Bezos searching for internet types of business after so many hard works research, Bezons settled on books.his strategy was simple, he makes a virtual bookstore-a bookstore without, store.

jeff Bezos










the company would create a website at which consumers could find for and purchase some books. Bezons try to transfer the book orders to independent book Wholesalers which have the book in stock.

the booksellers did to package and then ship the order of the customer, company making money.

Reviews is allowed to customers to submit a review of a product on the website page. Reviews show the original name of the reviewer which totally depend on the confirmation of a credit card. Reviews also indicate a customer experience of a particular product.

the customer experimentation always maters say, Bezos,  we’ve focused on just having a great and better store, where you learn something about a particular product at different prices. in July 1995, the company providing services online Bookstore,

the first book sale on was Douglas Hofstadter.

junglee is a previous online shopping service which has empowered a customer to find a new product, both online and offline retailer in India. its come in India in February 2012. its organize and allowed searching for the different type of product.

Prime Music

Prime Music is an app available on google play store, that offers a library of millions of songs just needed to subscribe the app

and become its member.









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