About us

About us

my website is related to the technology, the development of a new project and some other gadgets,

our obligation is that we move people towards health and good life through advance platform so that good results can be found.

We want to bring together a balanced lifestyle If you live life according to this site then you will be able to do your best. So join us you can check my Linkedin profile.

I’m looking up for a work to a make a good website, so I take a decision to make a website such a friendly website.

my whole daytime I’m busy on the internet, I like to gain some information related to latest technology,

so I’m creating a page of about us.

thanks for visiting my website.

check my contact us page.

our website about us freeomhit.com





I am the mind behind of freedomhit.com

that’s my picture, my name is Akhlad Iqbal.

I am doing blogging which comes out from my passion I gain some learning & sharing.in 2018, I know well about some blogs.
I completed my primary education at Kendriya Vidyalaya Andrews Ganj in 2018.
and completed my graduation from galgotias university in 2020.

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